Hobby Lobby Reviews~Project Bags and Crochet Hook Grips

Hey y’all!

Hobby Lobby is stepping up their game and finally giving us some REALLY CUTE crochet and knitting accessories. First, I must tell you, I cannot knit! Some of their products can be geared towards crochet, or towards knit. And I have found a few things that could work for all yarn related crafts. So lets get started! In store its kinda difficult to see what exactly it is, or how big some of the bags are. The bags they sell come folded up. But they do show what the bags say on the back of the tag.

First we have these “Project Bags”, is what Hobby Lobby calls them, you can find them here. These bags are super cute, and measure 12″ tall and 9 1/2″ wide. These fit 2 unused 7 oz skeins of yarn. I tried stuffing in a third one and it didn’t work very well. These are great if you’d like your smaller projects a little more organized, or need help keeping your yarn clean. I used one to hold 2 skeins of yarn, while I worked on a blanket. I used the other to hold an Amigurumi I am currently working on. They overall seem like good quality. Just a little small. But I feel that way about a lot of yarn bags! They’re never big enough. The photo below shows what it looks like with one of my WIPs inside.

The next item I got, are Hobby Lobby’s “Crochet Hook Grips” you can find them here. They look just like the pencil grips I used in school!

I loved the idea of these. I was hoping to be able to use some of my non-ergonomic hooks again with these crochet grips. But I was disappointed. The two bigger sizes, purple 10mm and light blue 6.5mm fit well onto my hook. They are advertised to fit hook sizes 2.25mm to 10mm. The smaller sizes did not turn out well for me. Here is a top though, it is best to put these on hook side first, as they’re hard to move around once they are on the hook. The smaller sizes were hard to figure out which color fit what size, it also didn’t come with directions, which probably would have helped. My yellow color broke and I was upset. So I tried the bigger sizes (10mm purple and 6.5mm light blue) and liked those a lot better. These aren’t expensive for $1.99 USD, so I didn’t take that as much of a loss. I am constantly misplacing hooks so having these grips help when I cannot find my Clover Brand hooks in the bigger hook size.


I hope this helps the next time your in Hobby Lobby browsing around!

*This post is not sponsored, this is an honest review of these products*


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