DIY Faux Fur Pom Pom

Fur Pom Poms are totally in! But they can be SO pricey if you buy them pre-made. I am here to help you keep some of your money AND add a new skill to your repertoire! Let’s get started! It is no secret, I am AWFUL at sewing. If this is you, please don’t be afraid. This tutorial is SEW easy. haha, see what I did there? Also, don’t you LOVE that hat in the photo? Psst, it’s The Cookie Snob’s 3ml Slouchy Beanie pattern. Click on the link to make this hat! It’s seriously too easy not to make AND so addicting. I’ve made 7 already!

diy fuax fur pom pom


  • 1/4 yard of Faux Fun Fur in your color choice
  • Scicssors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread (I recommend upholstery thread)
  • Poly-Fil Stuffing
  • Sharpie
  • ~6-inch bowl or circular item to trace
  • A vacuum with a wand attachment (No, seriously, the fur sheds worse than my Husky)

I purchased my “Fun Fur” at Joann! Keep a look out for coupons, I got my 1/4 of a yard for about 3.50! What a deal! I recommend upholstery thread for all of my crochet projects because I feel it holds up so much better then a normal thread, and it is thicker too.

Step 1:

Turn your fabric fur side DOWN, so we see the back of it. It should feel rough. Place your circular item (mine is a bowl I use for crafting) on top of the fabric and trace your circle. Don’t worry about the Sharpie, you wont even see it when we’re done! You can go ahead and make multiple circles. I have made about 15 Pom Poms so far with my 1/4 yard, and I still have fabric left!

Step 2:

Take a look at the two photos below before cutting. I got this golden advice from the Lady working at the Joanns cutting counter. You do not want to cut the long fur, it will be a huge mess and you’ll be ingesting the faux fur. Instead, cut UNDER the layer of the long fur. I will refer to this as baby fuzz. The second photo below shows the detail of the fur better. So, you will want to cut the through the baby fuzz and the rough part. It’s okay if you cut some of the longer fur. This should not affect your Pom Pom too much.

Step 3:

Now that you have cut your fur, it is time to sew! Cut some thread that is about 15 inches long, thread it threw your needle and tie a knot at the end. We will now sew a running stitch threw the rough layer and baby fuzz layer of our Pom Pom. A running stitch is super easy to do, and most of the time it is the first Hand Sewing stitch you learn.

-Start by inserting your needle away from you, and into the rough/baby fuzz section and come out through the fur. Try to stay about 1/2 or 1 centimenter away from the edge of the pom pom. You want your knot to be on the inside of your pom pom so we can hide it among the stuffing. You will now go back into the fur and through the rough side. Remember to try and place your stitches evenly. You can repeat these steps until you get back to your first stitch.

-I am usually too lazy to do it the “proper way”, as which I have described above. But I mean, what is proper anyways?! I do an accordion style type fold to the fabric and run my needle through it. I try to place my stitches about half a centimeter to 1 centimeter away from one another. Repeat this until you reach your first stitch, just make sure to pull your thread through the fabric all the way every so often, so you don’t get knots in your thread or get your fur jumbled up.

Step 4:

After completing your running stitch you can create a small sized ball of stuffing. I roll it into a ball the same way you’d roll clay or hamburger meat into a ball. Pull your thread tightly and it will naturally make the fabric bowl up, simply stuff the Poly-Fil into the pom pom. You can add more or less stuffing here if you’d like.

We will be closing up the Pom Pom in a lower case “t” or cross shape. Once you are done stuffing, pull your thread tightly and insert your needle on the opposite side of where your thread is now. You’ll want to insert your needle through the fur and coming out of the rough side, and follow it through the other side of the Pom Pom. Please reference photo #2 below. Do this twice and then, following the “t” shape, do the same to the other side and pull tightly, check out photo #3 to see what this looks like.

Photo #1

Photo #3

Step 5:

Finishing off! Cyber Seams of YouTube has a GREAT video that shows you how to make a knot that will stay while hand sewing. This video is short, sweet and to the point. Just over one minute long! Go ahead and take a look! I have included the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to leave the tail of our thread long so it will be easy to attach to your hat, or whatever else you can think of! I use the tails of the Pom Pom plus needle and thread to attach my pom poms to my hat. I’ve noticed if I only use the tail of the pom pom and not the extra needle and thread, the pom pom will be a little wiggly.

And that’s it! You’ve made a pom pom! Super easy right?! I’d love to see your Pom Poms!

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